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Everything to start an online business

Everything to start an online business


We offer consulting services to import/export companies seeking to develop their own markets and to win new ones. Thus, we propose a service of accompaniment to lead your company to extend its offer of products and services both nationally and internationally. We are committed to rigorously monitor the realization of each of your projects.

Our professional advisers offer a support personalized for the persons in charge to lead them to reach their objectives. SCAA IMPORT LIMITED works as a partner with your company to achieve the desired results.

Negotiating partnerships SCAA IMPORT LIMITED works with different companies of international repute. We can then give you the access to a vast network of business, which could bring you towards new outlets. Also, we can carry out companies which work in complementary branches of industry to negotiate partnerships for thus increasing their visibility on the worldwide markets. In addition, if need be, we can also support you in the search for required funds to the achievement of your project.


E-commerce online
Are you preparing to launch your e-commerce? So welcome to this article where we will give you some precious advice to start this new adventure as well as possible.
In addition to following current trends, discover 8 tips to launch your business successfully!

With SCAAImport.com, you will always have the possibility to modify your online store yourself. With an intuitive, hassle-free user interface, you'll be able to run your online store like a king.
For merchants with specific needs, SCAAImport.com offers its merchants its custom design and development services.
For merchants with specific needs, SCAAImport.com offers its merchants its custom design and development services.


Take advantage of a solution to create a completely bilingual online store at no additional cost. An important asset for selling internationally online.

Enjoy a hassle-free solution. No update required. All maintenance is carried out for you by our team of engineers.


Take advantage of high performance cloud hosting that can support thousands of visitors per second.
• Secure payments via HTTPS
• Optimized for SEO
• Professional design of online stores
• Performance cloud hosting included

We will verify with you that:
• 1 - Study the competition. ...
Evaluating your competition will be a first step in finding how to stand out and approach the growth of your e-commerce. Faced with 157,300 French merchant sites, you must analyze your strengths and weaknesses, to set up a different and effective strategy. This is your best chance for success!

• 2 - Choose the e-commerce solution adapted to your needs. ...
If you opt for an e-commerce CMS, take our quiz to find out which one is best suited to your needs.

• 3 - Organize your SEO and marketing strategy. ...
• 4 - Developing your community ...
• 5 - Create a blog to talk about your project. ...
• 6 - Collect email addresses. ...
• 7 - Check the 50 points of our checklist.

To contact us: +1 (514) 800-8693

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Become a volunteer today, thanks to our internal business exchange system. This means that all your hours worked can be converted into the purchase of product from our catalog. This allows the Foundation to be on its way and its mission to help people in their well-being.


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