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Original Health Distribution LTD.



Since our creation in 2011, Original Health Distribution ltd. has been proud to supply Canadian and American with the highest quality natural healthy living products & tools. Beginning with our Founders, Arunda Sli and Aruna Chy, we have always aimed to provide excellence in products as well as having one of the best customer service in the industry. These are values we are still proud of today, and we are proud to be the one of the leading distributor in Canada for our market place! With our head office in Calgary, Alberta and our satellite location in Montreal, Quebec, we are able to supply over 100 stores Canada Wide, making natural healthy living easily accessible for Canadians!


It has been, and will continue to be, our goal to provide Canadians with natural healthy living products and tools ranging from dietary supplements to renewable everyday products; like body care, to ecofriendly household goods and tools for reflexology, acupressure, massage therapy and acupuncture that fit their lifestyle! WHO WE ARE Original Health Distribution Ltd. has developed a concept that aims to make available a series of quality products, therapeutic tools unique in North America that carry the values to have a better overall health! For retailers, resellers and distributors, Original Health Distribution is a partner of choice with its selection of renewable products, exclusive therapeutic tools and quality of service.


Original Health Distribution LTD. Is based in Calgary and in Montreal, Quebec, they offer exclusive branded products such as: Magickey Teknik® tools for Hand Yoga, natural products for facials, supplements for overall health, body hygiene, massage tools for your meridians, oils to have healthy and beautiful hair, essences for your emotional problems ...


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Become a volunteer today, thanks to our internal business exchange system. This means that all your hours worked can be converted into the purchase of product from our catalog. This allows the Foundation to be on its way and its mission to help people in their well-being.


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