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Welcome to the Magickey® Network Club & Chamber of Commerce











The Magickey Teknik Network is a multiplatform, for web advertising, video, SEO, more than 100 free online tools for your websites….

With an online multiplatform for resellers (Amazon style) product sellers can sell their items without having to pay huge monthly fees to sell online.

Among the club's services:

- online newsletter service
-High definition video ads on demand
-a studio with green background to make your capsules
- State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for your demos… (giant screens, projector, wireless microphone, conference system, microphone…)
-Access to video editing rooms
-Professional equipment to take your product photos, white box, BlackMagic camera, Nikon, etc ...
-Printing, banners etc ...
-Infographic service
-Design and assembly of online store and website
And much more ….

Among the affiliates one can count on Adpathway.com to advertise on a network of online web sites which to date has more than 500,000 visitors each month.

Here are some packages available:

• 1 year of advertising and services with more than 60 tools included, SOFTWARE for designs, referencing, analysis, PUB on our multiple directory sites, Access to the Adpathway.com Plan (advertising banners) Constant visibility for your Products & Web services. With over 500,000 visitors per month. You will be registered in more than 2 directories with 2 registrations for each of your products and services which you can modify when you want (photos and texts).

-Medou.ca Network's online STORE platform, (sell directly on our multiple store with no monthly fees) GET MORE THAN 25% off our à la carte services (computer graphics, hosting, design, video advertising and others….) Posting, indexing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, $ 29.95 / month, Statistics through our platform Adpathway.com


  • 1 year of advertising on a monthly basis, over a full year. Posting, indexing, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Google +, addition of banners in sites to sell your products, OVER 4.0 hrs of work done monthly on your social networks, referencing and indexing on the web. BY USING THE ADPATHWAY.COM PLATFORM you will have online ads, $ 119.00 / month, (Must have the Magickey Network Annual Membership Card in advance) A MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS per order. detailed statistics each month.

    Get 25% off this plan with your Magickey Network Membership card (Annual, $ 29.95 / month) and on all our other services offered by the Magickey Network

    -An indexing and referencing service, weekly, monthly and year-round for your social networks.
    - Selected keywords, thought in function
    - Placement of ads, texts, publication highlighting your services or products offered on the Web.

    POSTER DESIGN (Branding)
    -exclusive logo
    -graphic design, poster, pdf document Pro….
    -Quality adjustment for newspapers, printing (Press)
    - Made in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Quarx, Illustrator or others….


    Setup (database programming)


    -POSTERS 11’’X 17’’
    -Business cards
    - Leaflets
    - Program of events


    A very large choice of paper types; ice cream, 20 lbs, 24 lbs, up to 180 lbs (carton)


    -possibilities to bind everything with choice of cover page, (binding)



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Become a volunteer today, thanks to our internal business exchange system. This means that all your hours worked can be converted into the purchase of product from our catalog. This allows the Foundation to be on its way and its mission to help people in their well-being.


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